Drawing Straight With Crooked Lines: A Tale of Redemption

Drawing Straight With Crooked Lines: A Tale of Redemption
by Paul W. White


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The following are excerpts from Drawing Straight With Crooked Lines: A Tale of Redemption

Pops and JC:

When most human beings pass from the three-dimensional existence they call "life," and arrive at the place known as "Heaven," they are shocked to discover that it is right here on planet Earth, albeit in another dimension of existence that they could never see or sense while they lived in the Third Dimension.

They are just as surprised when they meet God for the first time. Most people are expecting to encounter some majestic figure with a flowing white beard and a booming voice. They expect to find Him sitting on some massive throne made of gold and trimmed in jewels.

Imagine their reaction when they discover that God prefers to appear as an average-looking man who likes to be called "Pops." In fact, if God were a television actor, He would be perfectly cast as the father on a network sitcom. While He does sit on a regal throne from time to time, He also enjoys sitting in a well-worn leather recliner that fits Him perfectly.

Of course, God's unpretentious nature should come as no surprise. After all, when God decided He needed to directly father a son and send Him to the Third Dimension to deliver a message, He arranged for His Son to be born in a stable and work as a carpenter.

Speaking of His Son, God looks out over the lake and sees Him walking toward the cabin. God has to laugh—that boy just loves to walk on water for some reason! His Son steps up onto the shore, climbs up the steps to the cabin's porch, and sits down next to God in an identical leather recliner situated to the right of His Father's. He brushes his long, flowing hair out of his eyes, turns toward God, and says, "What's up, Pops?"

"Well, you still need a haircut," Pops says bluntly. "But seriously, JC, it is always great to see you. Besides, we need to talk."

"You're still concerned about what's going on in the Third Dimension," states JC.

"Very much so," says Pops. "My children seem to be drifting further and further away from My plan for them. I think the time is ripe to deliver a new message to them. They are in great need of a spiritual revolution, particularly in this country."

The inital meeting:

The instant Rocky leapt from the eighteenth floor balcony, he regretted his decision. As he saw the pavement below rushing up at him, he braced himself for the inevitable pain that would precede his death. He wasn't sure, but he thought he might be screaming on the way down.

Rocky was aware of his last conscious thought as he hurtled downward: God, if you truly exist, please forgive me. Rocky then shut his eyes and prepared to be splattered like a bug hitting a windshield at eighty miles per hour.

However, that moment never came.

At the last instant, about three or four feet from the ground, Rocky fell into what felt like a gigantic air pillow. When he opened his eyes, he found himself cradled in the arms of a gray-haired man who appeared to be around seventy years of age. The man had piercing brown eyes and a knowing smile.

He gently placed Rocky on his feet, winked, and said, "Hello, Rocky. That's quite a first step, don't you think?" The man then ruffled Rocky's hair and added, "By the way, son, in answer to your last statement, I do ... and I have."

Rocky uttered, "What do you mean?"

"Look buddy," the man said with a chuckle, "I realize that you just fell eighteen stories and didn't die. That alone would faze most people. On top of that, you have ingested enough cocaine and vodka to kill half a dozen people. So I understand if you are somewhat disoriented. But come on now. You have a genius-level IQ. You should be able to figure out who I am and what just happened. After all, you have been looking for Me your entire life."

Rocky's mission:

"Here is the deal," said God. "I have chosen you, Rocky Gates, to perform a special mission for me."

Rocky looked skeptical. "What can a man like me do for You?"

God grinned again. He was clearly enjoying this. "Quite a bit, actually. I want you to deliver a message."

"Oh, I can do that," said Rocky. "Who am I delivering it to?"

The grin on God's face got wider. "The over six and a half billion people who inhabit this dimension of the planet Earth."

"What?" Rocky shouted.

"Settle down, son," God advised. "You don't have to talk to each one individually. But I am asking you to initiate the delivery of a new message from Me to My children here. Remember, you are under no obligation to say yes. You are within your rights to turn down My request and walk away."

"Look, after what happened here last night, there is absolutely nothing I would not do for You," said Rocky. "But who'd listen to anything I have to say? I have ruined absolutely everything I've come into contact with. I don't feel I'm worthy to do anything on Your behalf."

"Let me be the judge of that. I selected you for this job many years ago, when I saw where your life was heading," said God. "In fact, you are perfect ... because of your imperfections. You see, once I give you this message, you are going to have to follow it. If you follow these principles to the best of your ability, your life will be transformed. That is My promise to you."

Rocky looked perplexed, "You mean I'm the most qualified person to deliver Your message because my life is such a disaster?"

"Exactly," said God. "You are going to discover that the world of the spirit is full of paradoxes.

"Obviously." Rocky sighed. "So fill me in."

"Only a person whose life has sunk to the depths yours has, and whose life has been re-created by following this message, can effectively deliver it," said God.