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Here you will find information about Paul's critically acclaimed first novel, Drawing Straight With Crooked Lines: A Tale of Redemption. This charming and witty story about a broken man who meets God face-to-face, has gained quite a following over the past several years., the #1 literary newsletter on the world wide web, proclaims "Drawing Straight With Crooked Lines is extraordinary....A MUST read."

Drawing Straight With Crooked Lines: A Tale of Redemption was awarded the coveted Editor's Choice recognition from iUniverse. Only books that meet the highest editorial standards receive this designation. It is also extremely rare for a debut novel to be so recognized. To see more of this book, including an excerpt, .

Paul recently sat down for an interview with the folks at To read the interview, .

You can also read a preview of Paul's upcoming novel, The 7th Flag Over Texas, which is set to be released in the fall of 2011. Coupling a unique blend of historical fact and current events with a thought provoking story line, this book promises to be an instant classic. To learn more about The 7th Flag Over Texas, .