Drawing Straight With Crooked Lines: A Tale of Redemption is the long awaited and much anticipated debut novel from Paul W. White. It shows how God uses flawed and imperfect people, and their selfish and fearful actions, to carry out his perfect plan.

This cleverly written book mixes humor and wit to illustrate how the power of God can transform a human life, no matter how far down the ladder we may have fallen. It also demonstrates the unique love the Heavenly Father has for all His children and the lengths He will go to show us this love.

The main character, Rocky Gates, is a disbarred, drug addicted lawyer who has lost all hope and tries to end his life. However, God has a different plan. He personally intervenes and informs Rocky that he has been chosen to deliver a special message to all the inhabitants of Earth.

The message is imparted to Rocky over the course of one week, while he walks through a series of self-imposed crisis and tribulations.

Along the way, the reader will encounter a colorful cast of characters including Pops (God), JC (Jesus Christ), Bones (Satan), Judas Iscariot, the Apostle Paul and Winston Churchill.

 Drawing Straight With Crooked Lines: A Tale of Redemption has received the coveted Editor's Choice recognition from iUniverse. Only books that meet the highest editorial standards receive this designation. It is also extremely rare for a debut novel to be so recognized.  

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